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Women in BIM Launches Mentor Scheme – Call to Action!

On the 19th of February Women in BIM launched our Mentor Scheme at our networking event in central London hosted by Silverskills. We had a great turn out where we gave our existing and new members an update on our activities as well as our ongoing commitment to supporting industry in the UK and globally.

As an organisation, one of our main goals has always been to support and inspire as well as encourage Women into BIM related roles and opportunities. We try to source opportunity for exposure – we want to see you – our members – on stages, talking about your work and asserting your views and experiences. One of the ways to do that is by creating spaces for more Women in BIM to connect via our networking events. This year we are going a step further. We really want to foster stable and productive connections for our members within the industry. 

With the launch of our Women in BIM Mentoring Scheme, we aspire to provide the structures needed to lead more women in the exciting and growing world of BIM, help them climb the ladders they have set their eyes on and see them succeed. 

This is your official invitation to join! 

Experienced, confident and looking to give back? You can apply to be a mentor here:

Eager, curious and thirsty for growth? You can apply to be a mentee here:

Maybe you don’t feel so sure if you have the right experience yet, but also want to develop further? Feel free to apply for both. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct individual interviews with all applicants to make sure we make the best matches possible.

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