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WIB Mentor Scheme – An update

We have been remarkably busy over the last few months with our WIB Mentor Scheme matches as well as organising and running sessions for some of our Unmatched Applicants (UMA’s). Mentor Lead Katya Veleva has been outstanding in organising and keeping up to date with our Mentor & Mentee matches as well as keeping track of our UMA Group Mentoring Sessions.

The one on one mentoring has so far proven to be very successful and we have received 18 Mentoring Session Record Sheets which indicates that our matches are happy, open, and engaging with each other. Our mentoring Session Record sheets are intended to be used to track and monitor the success of the mentoring. We are now planning two Mentor catch up meetings on the 10th & 11th September which mentor lead Katya will be running. This will allow our Mentors to debrief and notify us how the mentoring is progressing their end, and a chance to express any concerns they may have as well. Furthermore, we have received several ‘Thank you’ messages from our Mentees that have expressed how happy they are to be a part of the programme.

Our Group Mentoring sessions have been a complete joy. We have conducted 4 Career Coaching Sessions hosted by the amazing Elizabeth Kavanagh where we have done quite a lot of deep work on values, career goals and really getting to know our strengths. In part 4 of the Career Coaching we wanted to make sure that the work that we have been doing is sustainable, and the mentees have a plan for the months ahead, that includes not only actionable items but also a the support system they can trust. It is truly a privilege for the Women in BIM team to host a space where people have been able to be so open, honest and vulnerable.

Our Group mentoring session based on BIM Technical applications was undertaken and was hosted by our very own Katya Veleva. Although a small group of participants, those who attended really enjoyed the size of the event where everyone was able to share an issue they have/are experiencing. We had attendees dial in from Italy, Hong Kong and the UK which really shows how successful these sessions can be. We also discussed implementing BIM 360, convincing leadership to get on board with application investment for BIM and Dynamo vs. Add ins. All in all, a great workshop for our attendees! This session will be hosted again on Tuesday the 15th of September in Spanish for our Spanish speaking members. An exciting opportunity for our global team. The session will be hosted by Women in BIM representatives María de los Ángeles Caripa and Maria Elena Pla Cuyàs.

In the months ahead we are continuing to host Mentoring sessions and are monitoring and recording feedback to support the future of this scheme.

Stay tuned for release of the next round of Mentor & Mentee applications for out WIB Mentoring Scheme later this year.

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