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WIB AU Webinar – A summary & discussion on the state of BIM & Digital Engineering in Australia.

Thank you for all of those who attended our first Women in BIM Webinar focused on the varying implementation processes and technologies which exist in Australia as well as an introduction to our core team in this region. 

WIB is a global diversity group supporting our skills shortages in the Construction industry by promoting, retaining and celebrating Women in BIM related careers and roles.

This webinar was focused on the uptake of BIM and Digital Engineering in Australia. Our webinar included an introduction and discussions with our Regional Leads across Australia including Belinda Thompson, Jenny Tseng, Rachel Strauss & Ligia Trindade, who provided their experiences, projects and work undertaken in their region and how BIM and Digital Engineering is being implemented. Our Global Vice Chair Rebecca De Cicco also provided an overview of BIM in Australia providing context to the maturity of BIM in this region as well as the pockets of innovation across each state initiative.

We discussed many other topics such as how WIB can support our future skills shortages and some of the ways we can help to encourage young women into the industry, providing context on our own journeys.

Please click here to view the recording of the Webinar.

Additionally, as part of our aim to support and educate industry we wanted to share with you a series of useful links in Australia to support the education and upskill of BIM & Digital Engineering.

To find out more or to get in touch please don’t hesitate to contact Women in BIM at

Victoria, Australia

New South Wales, Australia
ABAB – Submission to Australia Government,

Queensland, Australia

South Australia, Australia

Perth, Australia
Digital (not BIM Specific)

ACT, Australia

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