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AEC firms use Global eTraining to attract and retain top talent, stay on the cutting edge of industry trends, and boost overall productivity and profitability.

With over 450 BIM-relevant courses, a project-specific course builder, and tracking and reporting to maximise any team’s ROI – Global eTraining provides the most effective training solution for the most effective BIM teams.

Global eTraining

What Global eTraining does

Their continued mission is to help BIM and digital teams worldwide:

  • Spend less time training with access to custom learning paths and an intuitive Autodesk plugin enables to quickly learn and apply skills to maximize productivity and minimize time spent off projects.
  • Track & measure ROI through skills gap reports, extensive PowerBI executive dashboards, and Customer Success support to monitor, measure, and maximize ROI.
  • Onboard quickly by easily discovering and closing skills gaps with company and project-specific training, workflows and processes to GeT up to speed faster.
  • Maximize BIM software investment with Global eTraining’s incredible breadth and depth of BIM-relevant training, so teams can stay up to date on the latest AEC industry trends and software.
  • Capture & share knowledge via their cloud-based course builder. Translate it into any language, host it on any Learning Management System, and share it with project teams, supply chains, or sub-trades to promote consistent standards and workflows.

GeT’s cofounders Susan and Holly have been supporters and members of WIB since its inception, and are, “proud to be ambassadors and Corporate Sponsors of Women in BIM. We think it’s vital to attract and support women in the AEC industry. Creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment will provide a framework for the best company outcomes – a motivated team completing efficient and profitable projects.” (Susan Brattberg and Holly Brattberg, Global eTraining Cofounders).

Global eTraining is proud to support and collaborate with such an outstanding group of individuals at Women in BIM, aligned with GeT in the common goal of creating a more diverse, inclusive, and successful environment in the digital built industry.

As part of Global eTraining’s Corporate sponsorship, all Women in BIM members receive 20% off on Global eTraining Individual and Business Subscriptions.

To access this discount code, please login to your MyWIB profile and navigate towards the Education & Training tile/area.

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