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Review: BIM Show Live 2018

BIM Show Live 2018 

Women in BIM partnered with BIM Show Live 2018 to offer support and and were happy to be involved in this key BIM event in the UK. Core team members Rebecca De Cicco, May Winfield and Simran Kaylan attended the annual BIM conference in Newcastle in February and they had some feedback on the event below.

The event can also be seen summarised in the following video link:

Rebecca De Cicco

BIM Show live is probably one of the most exciting events to attend in the BIM space globally. With a good representation of key BIM community members as well as industry professionals it didn’t disappoint and was an exciting few days. As someone who now travels all over the world to deliver BIM training and education and has a good client base globally I found it was an exciting event as I was able to connect with Key UK BIM community members and have some exciting discussions both informally and formally.

I presented on the second day at 2.30 pm and as much as the snow kept many from staying the full day my class was full as I discussed some of the Global Impacts of BIM from my experiences with global clients. I hope to make this a regular contribution to BIM Show live as I have a keen interest in BIM policy all over the world.

The highlights at the event were the keynotes, the sessions by fellow BIM friends Lee Mullin, Rob Jackson, May Winfield and Sarah Rock amongst many others. May and Sarah released their report which they discussed on the legal and contractual impacts of BIM which was very impressive. The report I believe will now be read globally and it’s a fantastic initiative of the UK BIM Alliance. Well done! (Link Below).

Aside from many great people and good fun I was happy to attend and share my knowledge and time in Newcastle. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the event to other Women in BIM members and I look forward to next year (with less snow)!

May Winfield

BIM Show Live, or as it came to be hash tagged, BIM Snow Live, was very well-attended and had a great atmosphere- with people coming from far and wide despite the weather.  The interactions over the two days reminded me how friendly and welcoming our BIM community is, despite coming from a wide variety of competing companies and organisations.

David Philp’s opening remarks were interesting as always, providing a snapshot of the future plans and concepts that will shape the ongoing BIM journey.

BIM Show Live provided a packed schedule of a wide variety of well selected talks, which both educated and challenged perceptions and preconceptions.  One such example of the latter was Rob Jackson’s ‘COBieNATOR 2’ session on Day 1 started with the Terminator 2 theme tune at ground shuddering levels and proved entertaining as well as educational.

Rob Charlton’s ‘state of the nation’ address on Day 1, and Simon Rawlinson’s ‘opening remarks and the political background to digital construction’ on Day 2, proved both inspirational and fascinating.  Day 1 also saw the launch of the Winfield Rock Report, written by May Winfield and Sarah Rock, intended to provide the most thorough and detailed review of the legal side of BIM ever produced in the UK.  A copy of the report can be downloaded for free here:

Simran Kalyan

Rebranded to #BIMSnowLive this year, my stubborn self went against all warnings, making the first footsteps in the untouched snow. I set out to embark on my 300mile journey across the country, determined to join my fellow BIM pioneers for our biggest BIM event this year.

As I made my way through ‘Beast from the East ‘storm, with slight delay, I reached The Boiler Shop Newcastle. I found ALL seats were occupied and slipped in the back where I managed to find a spot to stand.

Anders Hvid was up and captivated the audience instantly. He was a remarkable presenter and set a great tone to kick-start the event. Filling the room with excitement and enthusiasm, his presentation focused on technology and more interestingly the need for change. It was fascinating how he pulled examples of other industries evolution (that can have very little comparison to the construction industry) and was able to form connections to demonstrate how relevant it is to us all.

BIM Show Live never fails to deliver a variety of topics. Catering to QS’s, Architects, Lawyers to name a few there was something for everyone. Some great themes formed part of presentation this year and added a light-hearted approach. From superheroes and superpowers to movie themes such as ‘Terminator’ this made the information more digestible.

Day 2 was less busy and the continued weather conditions had many questioning the risk of being stranded. With great regret I too had to leave early facing a journey of delays. I left fulfilled with what I had seen and the new connections I had made. I look forward to catching the presentations I did miss online, after the event.

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