Regional Leads

Meet the women & men behind Women in BIM – our Regional Leads are Women in their respective regions of the world supporting and creating visibility for women in BIM in their area of the world.

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Susan is the Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Global E Training. She is passionate about education and is pleased to be involved in the training & development industry. She believes that education is the key to long term sustainability of our society, corporations and individual success. She is involved in education from applied vocational skills training to corporate training programs ranging from soft skills, languages, technical skills to online training development. 

Susan Brattberg

Regional Lead for Vancouver, Canada

Melanie has over a decade of experience working within a BIM environment and is Digital Delivery Lead at Jasmax, responsible for developing and leading the company BIM Strategy. She is a member of the N BIM Acceleration committee, contributing to the NZ BIM Handbook and BIM Industry Training Initiatives and is also the speaker manager for BILT ANZ. 

Melanie Tristram

Regional Lead for Wellington, New Zealand.

Architect and Postgraduate in "BIM in IPD", currently leads StratBIM, a service focused on the dissemination, training and implementation of BIM in Portugal. Has organized and participated in several events related to BIM and construction. As a Consultant, follows in an interventive way the development of BIM global adoption and normalization.

Cláudia Antunes

Regional Lead for Coimbra, Portugal

"Emma is Managing Director of Digital Built Consultants and has over 20 years’ experience in the AEC industry in Ireland and internationally. She is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology from TU Dublin, and a Master’s Degree in BIM Management from Middlesex University.

Emma Hayes

Regional Lead for Dublin, Ireland


An early adopter of practical change and purposeful collaboration David is a Chartered Construction Manager by background and Global Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Information Management (Consultancy Director) for AECOM. He is a Trustee of the CIOB. "

Dave Philp

Regional Lead for Edinburgh, Scotland

Rachel Strauss is a co-founder of bimco, a BIM management consultancy providing support, training and BIM content for architectural, design and engineering firms. She brings a unique combination of documentation, heritage, technology and people skills to the BIM profession.

Rachel Strauss

Regional Lead for Melbourne, Australia

Lindsay Prichard-Fox is the Founder, and CEO and of Tiver Built, a Digital Design + Construction Company based in Rochester, N.Y. By combining her extensive training in interior design, 3D laser scanning and Autodesk REVIT software, she has quickly become a pioneer for utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the residential construction space across the U.S.

Lindsay Prichard-Fox

Regional Lead for Upstate New York, Greater Northeast USA

Nicoleta is an MSc architect with 15 years of experience in a variety of construction projects and team roles. She specializes in BIM training and implementation based on the integration of BIM process and Autodesk technology solutions in the design and construction process. She is actively involved in BIM research as a PHD student in UCL.

Nicoleta Panagiotidou

Regional Lead for Thessaloniki, Greece

Clarabel, a freshly graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Construction Engineering and BIM enthusiast. She gained working experience in a multidisciplinary company as an architectural assistant working on various projects. She presented her BIM work publicly and as a BIM enthusiast aims to do it more often.

Clarabel Versace

Regional Lead for Dingli, Malta

Amal is an accomplished leader with 25 years of project experience. Her portfolio of projects exceeds $2 billion in value and covers various market sectors, including mixed use, commercial, healthcare and hospitality. At Multiplex, she is spearheading projects' digital delivery strategies in North America.

Amal Mandanat

Regional Lead for Toronto, Canada

I am an Architect passionate about the opportunities that BIM provides to improve the projects´ efficiency and quality. I started my BIM journey in 2011 and since then, I haven't stopped of learning. After 5 years working as BIM Coordinator in London, I am back in my country in a unique moment; BIM will be mandatory for public projects in 2020.

Natalia Diaz

Regional Lead for Santiago, Chile

Having spent over a decade working as an M&E CAD Technician, learning how to use Revit MEP in 2013 changed my life. Now, as an Associate at WYG, my role as a BIM Manager involves both strategic development and hands-on information and model management.

Kirsty Childs

Regional Lead for Manchester, United Kingdom

Vicki Holmes is a Learning Partner at Multiplex Construction, developing and delivering learning strategies to maintain and boost the digital and technical capabilities of the business.

Tom Kunsman

Regional Lead for Ohio, USA

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"Melissa has been with GSBS Architects since 2005. She helped the firm transition from AutoCAD to Revit and has continued her role there as BIM Manager, continually looking for better ways to do things. She has taught classes at Salt Lake Community College, participated in Autodesk ITF events in Boston and Shanghai, and is on the BCS Committee.

Melissa Thiessens

Regional Lead for Salt Lake City, USA

Lana brings a wealth of industry knowledge. She has worked both in design and construction, taught college courses, was a certified Autodesk trainer and had her own 3D coordination business. Since 2015 she has served as Vice-President for the Seattle Revit Users Group, one of the largest Revit users’ groups in the United States.

Lana Gochenauer

Regional Lead for Seattle, USA

"Imelda graduated as Architect at UANL. She was in the 1st generation in México with CM-BIM Certification.
She has experience in BIM documentation for MEP for Workplace, Industrial and Residential typologies. She has extensive experience working with international building codes and requirements.
Imelda heads the MEP Documentation team at BIMmx."

María Imelda Espinoza Tristán

Regional Lead for Nuevo Leon, México

Hadeel is a Chartered Architectural Technologist & Multi-Award winning BIM specialist promoting the use of Digital Technologies in the AECO industry. She is the BIM Manager for Coventry University Estates leading the BIM implementation & digital transformation strategy across Estates operation &development projects. She is also the Chair of BIM4Estates group & Vice Chair of CIAT West Midlands.

Hadeel Safaa Sadoon

Regional Lead for West Midlands, United Kingdom

Bim Development and assessment of construction products at ITeC (2003-2014). Architect since 2000 working on new projects, refurbishing and building reports. Cooperant for housing reconstruction in Kosovo (2002). Aid worker in Haiti and Ecuador (1996, 1997, 1998, 2002). Internship in Catalonia Polytechnic University (1996-2000)."

Maria Elena Pla Cuyàs

Regional Lead for Barcelona, Spain

Belinda has over the past 13+ Years been leading teams in delivering BIM projects, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with different software platforms, leading experienced teams in delivering exceptional results for the client. She is GHD's WA BIM Lead, which is a strategic implementation and governance role within the organisation. 

Belinda Thompson

Regional Lead for Perth, Australia

Omnia is an enthusiast for disruptive tech. Since 2009, she has been playing a leading role in BIM Implementation in the MENA/GCC region; transforming major building & infrastructure projects in Cairo, Riyadh, Doha, Manama, & Dubai. She is BIM Lead at the Roads & Transport Authority in Dubai, & maintains contact with a wide professional network.

Omnia Abada

Regional Lead for Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Marie is an Applications Expert with IMAGINiT Technologies. She travels all over North America implementing and training BIM Software, processes and workflows to AEC professionals. 

Marie Williams

Regional Lead for North and South Carolina, USA.

Sayazhan successfully completed her MSc in Construction Management and currently works for one of the largest contractors in Kazakhstan. Her research projects also was to investigate BIM in Kazakhstan's construction industry and she believes there is much work to be done and women's role in this space is crucial. 

Sayazhan Yeralina

Regional Lead for Republic of Kazakhstan

Jenny Tseng is an accomplished Digital Project Manager, Digital Engineering Specialist and Architect with knowledge cross-sectors and multiple projects. She offers a broad range of experience from project management and delivery, quality assurance to business processes whilst maintaining a strong focus on people and clients engagement.

Jenny Tseng

Regional Lead for Sydney, New South Wales

Luisa worked as an Architect before becoming the Digital Design Manager at Levitt Bernstein, where she develops strategies to implement BIM across the practice and projects of all scales. She had a key role in achieving BIM Level 2 Certification and engages with staff and clients to develop efficient methods to work and deliver digital requirements.

Luisa Correia

Regional Lead for Bristol, United Kingdom

Belcky is an architect specialized in BIM for residential, industrial and comercial projects. She was the first Nicaraguan to be certified as CM-BIM by the AGC of America. She works as BIM Coordinator for Buildings at DSC+ Ingenieros. Through her project “BIM wears Prada” she highlights the female role in the Latin American AEC industry.

Belcky Torres

Regional Lead for Central America & Caribbean, USA

Michele is an architect, researcher and passionate about technology and innovation, consultant in the development of sustainable projects and constructions. She enjoys getting involved in the training and implementation of BIM, and is part of the Brazilian Chamber of BIM in DF, where they promote the dissemination of BIM in Brazil.

Michele Tenedini

Regional Lead for Federal District, Brazil

Giulia is an enthusiastic BIM Architect. She is creating digital representation of projects Building Information Model. Her goal is to reach Building Information Modelling, understand the process of building Information Model and Management. She is interested in the process, the management of information exchanges to reduce inefficiencies.

Giulia Pustorino

Regional Lead for Cumbria, United Kingdom

Facilities data manager and technical editor.

Melanie Stone

Regional Lead for St Louis, USA

Mercedes is a licensed Architect and technology expert based in Uruguay. In 2016 she co-funded /ARCHSOURCING, a company specializing in BIM consulting and BIM production for the US West Coast. Today she runs /ARCHSOURCING pushing forward the boundaries innovation from a disruptive management approach based on freedom.

Mercedes Carriquiry

Regional Lead for Montevideo, Uruguay

BIM Evangelist | Digital Technology Enthusiast | RICS BIM Certified. With 10 years of BIM experience; Abeer is part of a passionate team, driving the BIM Adoption at Dar, which involves defining BIM strategies & setting up BIM Standards. She managed challenging BIM projects in MENA region, and recently appointed as the Head of Dar Cairo BIM Unit.

Abeer Rafaat

Regional Lead for Cairo, Egypt

With 27 yrs AECO experience, Cindy is recognized for her "real-world" approach and practical expertise in BIM/VDC process and implementation strategies. The founder of VDCO Tech since 2000, Cindy has managed over $3B in VDC work. She is CM-BIM/CM-Lean certified and is the Chair of the USIBD Project Data and AGC FEC Technology Committees.

Cindy Baldwin

Regional Lead for Florida, USA

Tania is an Associate Architect experienced in design and digital construction. She specializes in Leisure and Community projects and passionate about Inclusive Design. She has extensive experience in training in digital design tools and is actively involved in BIM research and implementation.

Tania Rocha

Regional Lead for Manchester (North West), United Kingdom

Ligia is a MSc Architect and technology enthusiastic. She works as a BIM Coordinator for Willow Inc at Cross River Rail Project in Brisbane. Over the last decade Ligia has played important roles within the BIM/VDC universe, mostly in the Heavy Infrastructure Industry, becoming an expert in BIM implementation and digital design & coordination tools.

Ligia Trindade

Regional Lead for Brisbane, Queensland

I'm no David Philp, but I have been involved in BIM and distinctly BIM-like activities for what feels like an eternity. As a Chartered Architectural Technologist (MCIAT), member of CIOB and a Hong Kong CIC Certified BIM Manager, I am qualified to talk to people about BIM and digital.

Simon James Gallegher

Regional Lead for Hong Kong, China

Natália is an architect and technology enthusiast. For the last years she has been working with BIM implementation in Brazil and has been spreading the word of BIM through her online brand "Let's 3D".

Natália Magatti

Regional Lead for São Paulo, Brazil

Kirsty has a background in Information Management and Quality Assurance and strongly believes that BIM should be used to drive quality and put our residents first. She is the BIM Workstream Lead for L&Q, working on L&Qs BIM Strategy and programme managing the industry’s Golden Thread Initiative. She is a member of BIM4HA and other industry groups.

Kirsty Villiers

Regional Lead for London, United Kingdom

BIM Technician (MEP) | RICS BIM Certified. Simoné worked on two of the largest hospitals in the world in recent years. She is passionate about progressing her BIM capabilities. She leverages computational design tools, such as Dynamo, ensuring efficient project delivery. She enjoys collaborating and networking with like-minded individuals.

Simoné Roux

Regional Lead for Auckland, New Zealand

Margarida is passionate about improving the way we design buildings. She is a BIM manager at A-lab in Norway, where she supports design teams with digital methods and tools. Her career includes developing scan to BIM workflows for Beck Group in Texas, and operating as an architect in Portugal, where she completed her PhD in BIM and reality capture.

Margarida Jeronimo Barbosa

Regional Lead for Oslo, Norway

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Carly Zanini

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María Imelda Espinoza Tristán

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Joylyn Dela Cruz

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Regional Lead for South Africa