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Next Steps – WIB Mentor Scheme

The WIB BIM Mentor programme applications are now closed! We have been amazed by the level of engagement of the global BIM Community! We are so excited to move the program forward with applicants from 23 different countries in 6 continents.  

Being the data geeks that we are, we couldn’t help but look at some trends with in the applications. About 45% of our mentor applicants have indicated an architectural background, which was not a surprise, but we also have about 35% of them coming from alternative career paths – a wonderful reminder about how open and inclusive digital construction can be and the ample opportunity of growth it provides. 8% of our mentee applicants are Directors, Founders or CEOs and 20% are already in a senior BIM position, which comes to show that no matter where you are in your career, you need mentoring.

The next step we are taking is probably the most difficult and important one – the selection and matching process. We are committed to the best interest of our applicants – we have carefully designed a method and put together a panel of celebrated BIM professionals that will spend the next six weeks working to create the best mentoring matches possible.

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