By Claudia Rizzo, BIM Coordinator at PARALLEL DIGITAL S.R.L. / WIB Italy

SAIE, one of the most important Italian construction fairs took place In Bologna, Italy between 19 and 22 October 2022. 

The SAIE is one of the meeting places for all Italian professionals and every year offers to the participants the opportunity to discover new available technologies, exchange experiences with experts and learn more about new trends. 

During this event finally, the new WIB Italian group had the opportunity to introduce itself. 

WIB Italy was formed just one year ago and was immediately welcomed into the Italian scene with great results, collecting great success and several positive feedback.

Despite the young age of the group, this has seen a large involvement of participants both through the Mentor Scheme and through the LinkedIn page, always active and involving all stakeholders in a daily sharing and exchange of views.

During SAIE 2022, WIB Italia was hosted in the “Agenzia del Demanio” stand, thanks to the involvement of one of our mentors Viola Albino, BIM Manager at Agenzia del Demanio, who took an active part in the meeting.

The meeting was moderated by our Regional Lead Laura Tiburzi, BIM Manager at Mario Cucinella Architects, who created a “circle time” that was an opportunity for different voices to speak, share experiences and ideas that could stimulate general reflection. 

The speakers covered a wide range of topics, with a strong focus on the value of equity and diversity and the need for radical change toward a more inclusive built environment model.

The energy and positivity of the people who spoke at this meeting highlighted an issue that today is very often underestimated. In a competitive environment such as the construction world, WIB highlights how collaboration, and the exchange of life experiences can be fundamental and of great support nowadays.

The meeting was made unique and dynamic by its development, which saw not only one speaker speak, but allowed everyone to be participants and accomplices of that moment.

Women, and men, from different professional backgrounds sat in a circle and freely shared their experiences and views on the topic, creating a moment of inclusion that involved the people present at the meeting and people who approached passers-by.

The experiences and knowledge of the individual are a very rich heritage available to the community and, as such, can have a positive impact on the entire industry.