Women in BIM has gained a new Global Executive Team Member, Willow Williams.

Women in BIM has gained a new Global Executive Team Member, Willow Williams.

Willow is data enthusiast and is passionate about how technologies intersect with construction to inform and shape the world we live in. By utilising data Willow believes that we can make informed decisions about how to design and construct structures that are safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

With more than a decade of experience in the built environment, Willow started her career in Information Management, which laid the foundation for her strong interest and application of governance principles.

Willow went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management and Integrated Delivery. Currently, she works as a BIM Lead/Project Controls at Colt Data Centre Services.

As a member of both the WIB Global Executive Leadership and Mentoring Teams, Willow offers an opportunity to make a valuable and noticeable contribution to the future of BIM history and its representation.

We asked Willow to tell us about why she chose to be part of WIB: 

What made you interested in joining Women in BIM?

When I discovered Women in BIM, I was immediately interested in its mission to empower women in the industry and advocate for greater gender balance in the field of BIM. I saw it as a chance to connect with other passionate individuals who share my values in promoting diversity and advancing BIM technology.

Why is Women in BIM an important initiative to you?

I find Women in BIM to be a significant initiative because I strongly believe that diversity of thought is key to the success and advancement of the construction industry. When diverse perspectives are brought to the table, we can create better solutions and improve upon existing processes. Through its provision of a platform for women to connect, exchange expertise, and provide mutual support, Women in BIM is playing a vital role in dismantling gender barriers and promoting inclusivity in the BIM field.

In what direction do you see the future of BIM/digital heading, in the coming years?

I anticipate that BIM technology will continue to progress and become further integrated into the construction industry in the upcoming years. With the increasing emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, I expect to see an increase in the use of BIM for energy modelling, data analysis and optimisation. Moreover, I predict that BIM technology will foster greater collaboration and integration among various stakeholders involved in the construction process.

Nicole De Cicco
Nicole De Cicco

I am the Global Administrator for Women in BIM. I support all of our global communications including managing events, as well as supporting & promoting our Regional Leads.