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Episode 17 – Mentoring

Episode 16 – Glider

Episode 15 – Fatherhood

Episode 14 – Lifelong learning

Episode 13 – Digital transformation for the construction industry in India

Episode 12 – Motherhood

Episode 11 – Smart Cities

Episode 10 – BIM in Scotland

Episode 9 – Digital Leadership with Elaine Lewis and Vicki Reynolds

Episode 8 – BIM in New Zealand

Monday Morning Coffee with Inside Firm – Rebecca De Cicco

Episode 7 – Education

Episode 6 – The Australia Team

Episode 5 – Marketing for Digital with Marie Grieve

Episode 4 – UK BIM Alliance with Casey Rutland

Episode 3 – Common Data Environment with Marzia Bolpagni and Gergana Staykova

Episode 2 – BIM for Operations & FM with Hadeel Saadoon

Episode 1 – Meet the Women in BIM

Connect with Women in BIM