Women in BIM (WIB) has launched its Mentor Scheme for a fourth year to support its Members with the aim of achieving true collaboration and encouraging the exchange of knowledge and skills.

One of WIB’s core goals has always been to support and inspire as well as engage women into taking on building information modelling (BIM) and digital construction related roles.

With the launch of the 2023 Mentoring Scheme, WIB aims to provide the structures needed to lead more women in the exciting and growing world of BIM, helping them climb the ladder to reach the roles they have set their eyes on and see them succeed. 

WIB Founder and Global Chair, Rebecca De Cicco commented on the new scheme: “As leaders in BIM, we are seeing that globally there are still issues with skills shortages and resources for digital construction. Our Mentor Scheme has been developed to unite people with a passion for technology and construction to support with filling these skills gaps. One of the biggest obstacles to BIM adoption is the lack of in-house expertise. Therefore our mentoring is a direct response to this, positioned to make a positive impact on the much needed growth of BIM skills in our industry.”

WIB Mentor Scheme Lead, Natalia Olivera said: “We invite anyone who shares our passion for digital skills growth to join the Scheme this year. Over the past few years, we have seen many women excel from the new found knowledge they have gained from their mentors. This is a truly empowering process which has transformed the careers of our Members worldwide.

“Application is a two-step process, firstly completing the online registration and secondly we invite you to attend a (virtual) interview with our Core Team to ensure we understand your experience, motivations and requirements, this will allow us to establish the most appropriate Mentor-Mentee matches.”

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or receiving mentorship, visit the Mentor Scheme pages on the WIB website here for more details.

Apply to the WIB Mentor Scheme