Exyte Hargreaves’ BIM Manager Doga Tasli joins Women in BIM Mentorship Scheme

Exyte Hargreaves’ BIM manager, Doga Tasli has joined the Women in BIM (WIB) Mentor Scheme: a programme that connects women in BIM for empowerment and support to create a more diverse, inclusive industry.

As global online community, we provide a dedicated network to empowering and celebrating female professionals in the BIM and digital construction. Recognising the skills shortages, diversity issues and lack of female retention in the industry, we provide a supportive environment where women can share their experiences, skills and knowledge and are encouraged to strive to advance in their careers.

The Mentor Scheme facilities mentees with mentors who have relevant backgrounds and experience to help them achieve their career aspirations. Mentors share their experiences, skills, knowledge and insights with their mentees to encourage growth and development for them to succeed. In the programme, mentees are supported in setting personal and professional goals, determining a clear path to maximise their potential and advance their ambitions. They are empowered and motivated to identify their own challenges and find solutions to resolve and overcome them to achieve their goals.

Following her first meeting with her mentor, Doga Tasli said: “I knew right away after meeting my mentor that six months after completing the WIB mentorship plan, I would never be the same person again. We had an instant connection and started to brainstorm ideas about how we could respond to new technologies and economic imperatives. Prior to connecting us, WIB Mentor Scheme performed an excellent job of assessing our requirements, personalities, and objectives. It is critical for us to normalise personal and professional challenges by fostering from knowledge pool bases, try-error methods and one-step solutions at a time. I’m looking forward to my next session with my Mentor Kubra Bayrak. We’ll be rejoicing over each and every small victory.”Pete Foster, Head of Digital Innovation & Systems, Exyte Hargreaves, said: “The construction industry has come a long way in breaking down the barriers around diversity, inclusivity and equality, however, there is still a lot of work we need to do. Women in BIM does some incredible work in challenging the industry and taking positive action in addressing these issues. The mentorship is a great opportunity for Doga to build her network and develop further in the BIM field.”