The CIOB is looking for guest speakers for a series of events to complement its accredited university and college curriculums. The series will be called ‘An Introduction to’, and will consist of 30 minute pre-recorded webinars providing an introductory overview of a particular subject area. 

In this instance, the CIOB is looking for Women in BIM Members to provide an overview of BIM and digital construction.

Each presentation will include:

  • Who you are
  • Why you do what you do
  • What is . . . (your topic)
  • Why is it important within the industry?
  • Further resource and reading suggestions

The series will be aimed at 1st / 2nd year students who are new to the industry and need a basic introductory overview of some of the key developments, topics, specifications etc, and the CIOB hopes to start recording this series from the end June for release in September.

The CIOB is asking for around an hour of your time on a day that suits you. The CIOB is happy for you to add your branding to the CIOB slide deck so that you can promote your business to the wider student community.

If this opportunity is of interest, please reach out to Harriet Hosking, Member Services and Events Coordinator for the CIOB at