1º Meeting - Women in BIM Portugal

On September 9, organized by the Regional Lead in Portugal Cláudia Antunes, the first national meeting of the group Women in BIM was held in Lisbon. 

The aim of this meeting was to establish solid foundations among the members of the group and to become a reference for the exchange of ideas and experiences among its participants. 

Included in the 10th anniversary of women in BIM international group, this networking event brought together about 50 participants in a relaxed moment of friendliness and sharing. After a brief WIB presentation, each participant had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share great insights into their personal career journey and progression, covering topics such as the role of BIM and being a woman in construction industry and it was followed by a networking lunch.

Cláudia says that “It was really existing to witness the growing presence of female digital leaders at this event that celebrated the achievements of diverse industry professionals.”  

Special thanks to the sponsors of this event, REVIGRESGYPTEC IBÉRICA and BIMobject, and all the partners and supporters of Women in BIM Portugal. 

A few days after, great feedback and positive things happened, such as jobs opportunities, partnerships between companies and new businesses. Taking advantage of the momentum and willingness to repeat this experience, let´s keep in mind the message of Rebecca De Cicco, Founder and Global Chair of Women in BIM, “Why not support each other? Why don’t we grow together?”