by Natália Magatti, Regional Lead for São Paulo and Sales Consultant at Oracle

May 31st saw the opening of the first BIM Summit Brasil: a Brazilian version of the European BIM Summit

The European BIM Summit is an annual event, presenting opportunities for its attendees to learn about new available technologies, exchange experiences with the experts and learn new tendencies that are already available to be implemented in their daily workflow routine. This event increases in size year after year and is delivered by as strategic committee compounded by BIM representants and agents of all sectors of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

The BIM Summit Brasil is a natural response to the increase of BIM development in Brazil. Following the same format of the European version – only hosted virtually rather than in person – the event was also created by a strategic committee of great AEC names such as AEC España, Grupo AJ and SEBRAE-MG. Women in BIM also supported the event and Regional Leads Natália Magatti and Julia Lubacheski gave a presentation on Common Data Environment (CDE) and Parametric Design.

Natália Magatti is a Senior Sales Consultant for Oracle Brazil and became a WIB Regional Lead in 2020. Natália is also the founder of Let’s 3D which main objective is to increase BIM knowledge to students in graduation. During the presentation Natália discussed the importance of choosing the correct CDE during BIM implementation. According to her experience, she shared possible CDEs to be chosen and the main aspects to be considered as security, international certifications and the compliance with ISO 19650.

Julia Lubacheski is a BIM specialist at Proh Arquitetura and more recently became a WIB Regional Lead in early 2022. Julia is also assistant professor at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo. During her presentation Julia shared with the audience her experience with Parametric Design and how it can me implemented in architectural projects.

At the end of their presentation, Natália and Julia were asked to take part in a roundtable discussion with Carla de Paula Amaral Macedo, who is a member of the event’s organization team, and Alexandre Miranda from ACCA Software. 
For WIB and the wider international audience, BIM Summit Brasil was a great success, and as such it has already been announced that there will be a second event for 2023. 
Natália and Julie said It was an amazing opportunity to be part of it as it was possible to share experiences with many experts and enthusiastic. Brazil needs more BIM spreading opportunities and it was clear that via the amazing feedback it was received in all presentations.
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