Laura Tiburzi

We recently sat down with Laura Tiburzi, WIB Regional Lead in Como, Italy, to ask her about BIM in her region, her involvement in the WIB Mentor Scheme and setting up the new Women in BIM Italy group. 

In her personal and professional life, Laura explores both technical and humanistic subjects, convinced that  they are inter-connected and we need professionals to be able to make synergies between various fields and people. 

At Mario Cucinella Architectsone of the most well-known Italian architectural firms, Laura is part of the BIM Expert Units and acts like a bridge between management, international clients, consultants and internal teams. In 2021 she joined WIB as a Mentor for the WIB Mentor Scheme and became Regional Lead for Como in Italy. Laura has now set up a new group for WIB across all of Italy. 

Why did you want to join Women in BIM?

At the very beginning I was doubtful because I didn’t see the reason for talking about BIM from a female perspective, but then I realised that we actually need to talk about women in technical fields because there is still a difference in how young students think about their future. It is not just a female perspective, it has more to do with gender stereotypes. In the WIB all genders are welcome, and we talk about BIM and constructions with the idea that we can make it easier to approach this subject through networking, talking, teaching, helping each other, organising events and much more! 

What do you think about the WIB Mentor Scheme?

I really enjoy the Mentoring Scheme it is a very “open heart” way to share ideas, fears and opportunities in a safe space. We, Mentors and Mentees, grow together in many ways. We have the chance to see problems and opportunities from a different perspective and create some amazing friendships along the way! The Mentoring Scheme for 2022 has already started, but I suggest you all consider joining as a Mentor or Mentee next year.

I am glad to say that the number of Mentors and Mentees who are able/willing to do the sessions in Italian for 2022 is really encouraging.  This is excellent to see such enthusiasm in my region.

What about the Italian Women in BIM community?

The Italian group of Women in BIM is taking shape now: on LinkedIn you can join us here, but I suggest you register in the WIB international website too. I saw the number of female colleagues trained or interested in BIM increasing a lot in a very short time, universities are more aware of the importance of BIM and the market is developing very fast. There is already a huge community. It is a very open group, I’m not only inviting people living in Italy, but Italians living abroad. WIB Italy is willing to create connections with them too, sharing perspectives, experiences and ideas. 

I would like to deeply thank the Core Team at WIB for their support in this new adventure for women in BIM and Digital Construction throughout Italy.