Giulia Pustorino joins the Women in BIM Core Team

We welcome a new Core Team Member to Women in BIM, Giulia Pustorino. Giulia will be responsible for managing the network of WIB Regional Leads throughout the UK and Europe.

Giulia is a qualified Engineer and Architect with 10 years’ experience in the AEC industry. Giulia started her career in her native Italy before moving to the UK. Giulia is now BIM Manager for Weston Williamson + Partners, responsible for developing the long-term vision of BIM across its London studio. 

So that our WIB Members can get to know Giulia a little better, we asked her a few questions to tell us more about herself and what made her become interested in BIM and digital construction.

Why did you want to join Women in BIM?

At the beginning of my career, a friend asked, “how do you feel, taking a role in a male-dominated field?”. I was surprised by the question; she took me completely unguarded. At the end of our chat, she went back to the topic, encouraging me to be strong. Before then, I thought of myself as an Architect, not a Female Architect, but something changed. I noticed few women were in meetings, how few are in a senior position, and even less are at board level. I began to look for answers, and naturally, my research brought me to ask myself how I could contribute. 

Why is Women in BIM an important initiative to you?

I felt lonely when I realised that I am a female in a male-dominated sector. Joining Women in BIM, I met other women, and my network started to grow. I discovered that there were many female architects. There is no need to be strong if you have someone to talk to. I virtually met women from all around the world who are living the same experience. We chat and give support to each other. 

Moreover, I found technical support that helped my professional growth. I believe in the importance of being able to pursue your dreams. If you believe in digital construction, no one must stop you because of your gender. I decided to become an active member of Women in BIM to support other females who want a career in BIM.

In what direction do you see the future of BIM heading?

Digital construction changes extremely fast, and the pandemic accelerated it even more.  There are three key areas in which I see the industry moving, and quickly.

I am personally interested in Artificial Intelligence, I like to learn about it and the potential to integrate it within our daily work. The generative design will help us be faster and more creative during our decision-making process. 

Robotics is another field that intrigues me. Pretty soon I’m sure we will see robots running our construction sites! And the third is the “Internet of Things”. The concept of integrating sensors into our buildings that can capture real-time data is something we should do more of to predict building performance. 

If you would like to contact Giulia to discuss becoming a WIB Regional Lead or any of our activities throughout the UK and Europe, please get in touch via email at