Construction shapes our world but struggles with mental health more than most other industries.

At its extremes, the problem is costing lives: data shows that construction has one of the highest suicide rates of any industry in the US, UK and Australia. 

The B1M and Procore have launched Get Construction Talking, a global initiative to raise awareness of mental health in construction. Tackling this issue is complex, but one of the simplest things we can all start doing today is talking.

If we can all become more aware of mental health, normalise conversations around it, look to spot the signs in our colleagues that something might not be right and point them in the direction of support, then we can collectively start to move the dial on this issue at the grassroots level.

The B1M and Procore aim to break the stigma, get millions of people talking, and raise $1M USD for charities working to improve mental health in construction.

Get Construction Talking is supported by leading construction mental health charities including the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, Lighthouse Charity, Mates in Mind, MATES in Construction and Construction Sport.

The B1M and Procore have created a two-part, free-to-view video series, guidance portal, podcast series, events programme and out of home awareness campaign.

In this Get Construction Talking Toolkit you’ll find resources on how to take the next step and get more involved in the initiative, more information on our fantastic charity partners and loads of downloadable assets to help spread the word. The toolkit has been tailored for both team leaders and individuals. 

For further information, email or download the toolkit.