The initial Women in BIM networking event in Thailand, Accelerating Diversity in Thailand’s Construction Industry, sponsored by Aurecon Group, marked a significant milestone in empowering and promoting women professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Held on 7th March 2024 within the international women’s day week, the event served as an essential platform to formally introduce Women in BIM to Thailand for the first time.

The panel discussion and networking session allow attendees to engage in insightful conversations and forge valuable connections. Our speakers, Kesinee Wattanaweerachai, Nattakrittamuk Klomklao and Kanokwan Ruangpin, shared their experiences of entering the BIM and digital construction industry, emphasising the significance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance as driving forces behind their success stories. The conversation highlighted the benefits of diversity in the industry. The panel elaborated on their experiences of leveraging diversity to drive innovation, emphasising effective communication to enhance the individual potential of team members.

Furthermore, the promotion of the Women in BIM Mentor Scheme underscored the organisation’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing support for professional advancement. 

The event drew a diverse audience, including contractors, developers, construction managers, designers and representatives from various institutions, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment conducive to knowledge exchange and networking.

The overwhelming success of the event serves as a promising start for Women in BIM in Thailand, setting the stage for the growth and development of a vibrant community of women professionals in the AEC industry. We look forward to the continued growth and empowerment of Women in BIM, driving positive change and innovation in the construction sector.