The initial Women in BIM networking event in New York, sponsored by Beverley Willis Architecture Foundation & Snaptrude, marked a significant milestone in empowering and promoting women professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Held on 2th May 2024, the event served as an essential platform to formally introduce Women in BIM to New York for the first time.

Organized and led by Yafei Zhang AIA, Regional Lead of Women in BIM, and Miryam Varona Rogel, Associate BIM Manager at Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP (GMS), the event showcased the critical leadership of industry pioneers dedicated to fostering a supportive community for women in BIM-related professions. Yafei Zhang’s critical role in improving BIM technology and nurturing the community underscored the event’s significance in driving positive change within the industry. Miryam’s instrumental role in orchestrating the event and her dedication to improving BIM technology and nurturing the community was evident throughout the event.

The evening commenced with an opening reception and networking session, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas. Yafei and Miryam took the stage to deliver a compelling presentation, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and networking in advancing women’s careers in the AEC industry. Yafei’s expertise and leadership in BIM technology were evident as she shared insights into the latest advancements and opportunities within the field. Miryam’s passion for promoting inclusivity and her strategic approach to fostering professional development was evident as she shared insights into creating supportive environments for women in BIM-related fields.

Following the presentation, a dynamic discussion panel and audience Q&A session took place. Attendees engaged in insightful conversations, sharing their experiences and insights on overcoming challenges and driving positive change in the industry. Yafei’s guidance and expertise contributed to a vibrant exchange of ideas, empowering participants to drive positive change and innovation in their respective roles.

The overwhelming success of the Women in BIM networking event sets a promising precedent for future initiatives in New York, aimed at empowering women professionals in the AEC industry. Yafei’s and Miryam’s leadership and dedication will undoubtedly continue to inspire and empower future generations of professionals. As the momentum continues to build, the stage is set for the growth and development of a vibrant community of women leaders driving positive change and innovation in the construction sector.