by Luke Belfield, Victorian Chief Engineer, The Office of Projects Victoria (OPV)

The Office of Projects Victoria (OPV), in the Department of Treasury and Finance, aims to lead and influence excellence in infrastructure project delivery, helping to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget, and that the full benefits of the investment are realised for Victorians.

As part of that important remit, in 2022, OPV’s Digital Build Program is helping Victoria deliver its record infrastructure pipeline and position Victoria as a digital project leader.

Victoria’s state-shaping projects are being built twice – digitally and physically. The digital assets produced are helping to manage better services for Victorians over the lifecycle of a physical infrastructure asset, improve decision making capability, together with the ability to mitigate risks faster than ever before.

To ensure our digital assets are built just as well as their physical counterparts, they need good foundations in data.

OPV’s Digital Build Program comprises the Digital Asset Workstream and Offsite Construction Workstream which aim to encourage innovative and efficient offsite construction practices while integrating the benefits of digital technologies.

The challenge for industry and the Victorian government is in managing our data in a consistent and structured way. In an environment where projects are increasing in complexity and facing new social, economic, and environmental pressures, improved levels of insight will help keep our projects on track and realise value for Victorians faster.

In 2022, OPV is accelerating the Government’s digital agenda through:

  1. Digital Build System Pilots: OPV is leading the Digital Build System Pilot Program to make practical improvements to project delivery. Our pilot projects are applied across a range of projects, from billion-dollar infrastructure projects to smaller construction projects. These pilot projects aim to deliver proof-of-concepts for a future VicGov digital project management system that will demonstrate measurable value and benefits to both projects and Victoria.
  2. Mandated digital asset requirements: Having set Victoria’s strategy with the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS), in September 2021 the Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas, MP launched the Digital Asset Policy. The Digital Asset Policy is a landmark development providing clear requirements for the management of digital asset information on projects, providing the most comprehensive policy of its kind in Australia.
  3. Legal clauses: OPV is integrating enabling digital contract provisions within the Victorian Government legal framework to ensure projects are set up consistently from the start and begin to address common issues such as data security, data governance and intellectual property ownership.
  4. Offsite Construction Guide: In the first quarter of 2022 OPV is sescheduled to publish its guide to Offsite Construction, providing practical instruction to Government project delivery teams. The Guide will outline the basis for Offsite Construction (OSC) and help project teams to evaluate, procure and deliver OSC projects.

Importantly, these are collaborative projects across the Victorian Government and industry with many opportunities to get involved.