With a focus is on rail, the 2024 Class Of Your Own Design Challenge on ‘Future Infrastructure’ is now open, and is seeking support from the Women in BIM (WIB) community. 

Class Of Your Own (COYO) is the award-winning creator of the Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme, and believes in empowering and educating children and young people everywhere, so they can design, engineer and construct an extraordinary future.

Today’s design, engineering and construction professionals are creating more sustainable ways of travelling worldwide – pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly design and technology to reduce the carbon footprint of travel and preserve natural resources and biodiversity.

Caring for our planet has never been more important – and it’s going to take some extraordinary talent!

So, that’s why COYO is challenging secondary schools, anywhere in the world, to design a net zero rail station hub and route that stands out as a beacon of sustainability, inclusivity and cutting-edge innovation.

COYO currently has registrations from schools in Australia, China, Dubai, India, Lithuania and the UK, but is calling for more. With a closing date of May 31st, there is a lot we can do together over the next four months. 

COYO is reaching out to the WIB community to ask if you want to get your local schools on the right track and if you are willing to sign up to help. If yes, COYO would love to connect with you! 

It’s a great way to support STEM, social value and CPD activities. You’re invited to host webinars, share your knowledge with a useful video, visit schools virtually – or even better, in person. Just let COYO know how you can help – and after all, what’s not to love about helping the transportation professionals of the future?

Find out more about how to get on board with COYO