by Michele Tenedini, Global Executive Leadership Team, Women in BIM

Last month, the city of Belo Horizonte was honoured with an event that will reverberate in the history of the construction industry and in the management of Building Information Modelling (BIM). 

The Women in BIM (WIB) South America experience shone, bringing together talented professionals from all over South America in a meeting full of inspiration and learning, which took place over two days, with one day in person and the other in an online format in Spanish. This combination of face-to-face and virtual meetings provided a comprehensive and accessible experience for participants, promoting the exchange of knowledge and networking in both environments. This flexible approach demonstrates the event’s commitment to reaching a diverse audience and providing inclusive opportunities for professionals across South America.

The central focus of the event, “Inclusion and Leadership,” proved to be a catalyst for change, driving participants to forge paths of success in their careers. The Women in BIM South America Experience was not merely an event but a transformative industry experience in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) and BIM in South America.

Guiding Professionals Toward Success

Inclusion plays a crucial role in building teams and fostering healthy, productive work environments. This event offered a series of lectures that explored strategies to promote inclusion in the workplace and empower participants to become more inclusive leaders.

Furthermore, leadership was a central theme throughout the event. Inspiring talks shared insights on how to stand out as leaders in an industry that historically faced gender equality challenges.

Examples of Success and Inspirational Stories

One of the most exciting parts of the Women in BIM South America Experience were the stories of women breaking barriers in the AEC and BIM industry. These inspirational stories demonstrated that there are no limits to what women can achieve when given the opportunity to lead and are supported in their journeys, as our speaker Rita Giaimo, Director at BIMTools, reported:

“A well-nurtured network can boost careers, but it’s not just individual results that can be achieved when networking is done in places or events that bring experienced voices ready to share their success stories and, most importantly, their lessons learned! Knowing how to overcome adverse situations; real examples of ‘BIM contracts’ where deliveries are 2D; maintaining balance, and many other topics were addressed! A place for practical life lessons in its broadest sense!”

Networking and Collaboration

In addition to providing knowledge and inspiration, the Women in BIM South America Experience also created valuable networking opportunities. Participants had the chance to meet talented professionals, share experiences, and build connections that can propel their careers in the future.

The event not only inspired and empowered the women who attended, but also left a lasting impact on how the industry views inclusion and female leadership.

Tiago Ricotta, Customer Experience Manager at Trimble Inc., highlighted:

 “We have participated, either as speakers or listeners, in various events involving the BIM topic, and after so much time in this market, it is invigorating to have the chance to participate in the Women in BIM – South America Experience – and engage in high-level discussions about the BIM topic and also get to know the stories of brilliant professionals in our industry. It was very inspiring and opened up a whole range of possibilities for the future. I hope that the work of WIB can resonate in the market and inspire many more people to join the initiative.”

And, Fernanda Brocardo, Regional Lead Curitiba – Brazil, WIB added:

“As participants return to their homes and workplaces, they carry with them knowledge, determination, and the desire to make a difference in their careers and in the industry as a whole. The Women in BIM South America Experience reinforced the message that the future of the AEC and BIM industry in South America will be shaped by inclusive women, inspirational leaders, and dedicated professionals.”

Nicole De Cicco
Nicole De Cicco

I am the Global Administrator for Women in BIM. I support all of our global communications including managing events, as well as supporting & promoting our Regional Leads.