Francesca Lofiego: An Introduction to BIM Coordination

by Francesca Lofiego, BIM Coordinator, ISG

This June, while reading the Women in BIM Newsletter, my eyes were caught by this title: “CIOB call for Women in BIM speakers”.

I always find interesting attending construction events, especially when I am an active part of it. After the pandemic period I really wanted to join these events again, so I decided to apply. Moreover, I discovered that the CIOB webinar was directed to 1st / 2nd year students who are new to the industry. I immediately imagined my university career as a foreign student in a new country and thought that receiving tips from experts would have been a big help back then. For these reasons I happily applied for the call and, after only 2 months, what at the beginning was only an idea, is now real. 

CIOB has just released a series of webinars you can find online, hosted by industry experts who provide an overview of topics that would be suitable for early construction professionals.

“The CIOB Introduction to series came to life following feedback from our Academic contacts. The series were created to provide students a series of webinars covering topics that they will study throughout their course modules such as BIM, Construction Law, Project Management and more.” Harriet Hosking, Members Services and Events Coordinator at CIOB and the creator of this event told me.

The series will be available via the CIOB YouTube channel and will align with the new CIOB Tomorrow’s Leaders strategy to create a community that helps to equip emerging talents with the skills they need to excel in their studies.

Harriet added, “We are pleased to have the first set of recordings ready for release in time for the new academic year, including your piece by and a piece by Melanie Robinson, Project Manager at BIM Academy.” 

My webinar, “An introduction to BIM Coordination”, wants to give fundamental information about the construction world, starting from the difference between the Consultant and the Contractor environment: two separate fields in the same industry working collaboratively. I clarify the roles and responsibilities of both sides, but also explain how much coordination is needed between them. In my opinion, students need to understand the difference between consultants and contractors to be prepared and ready to choose the correct environment that suits their interests. I have recently joined ISG after a 3 years’ experience with an architectural consultant (Pollard Thomas Edward), and I am now in a good position to describe pros and cons of both sides and give students advice to make an informed decision.

The presentation gives useful tips to students to remain up to date with what is happening in the market using podcasts, web pages and articles. I am sure they will find the material functional for their studies and general knowledge. One of my tips was “create your own network” and, to give them an example, I used my experience with WIB; not only the many engaging events I joined in the past, but also the mentoring scheme that helps women thrive and feel confident in a man-oriented world.

Furthermore, I describe what BIM is and, in particular, the meaning of a BIM Coordinator role: my responsibilities and duties, my typical day, and the site experience. I think it is important to give a pragmatic point of view to students who have never approached the work environment. They will discover how many different and various tasks one single person can handle, how many technologies and tools we use, and how fascinating the BIM world is. I believe that in this industry you can learn something new every day and working with experienced professionals helps you to enhance your capabilities and achieve new and higher goals. I think this is a very dynamic and challenging world that I enjoy so much; I will be very happy if, with this video, students can bring home just a little bit of the passion I put in my job to start their career with enthusiasm. 

I want to thank ISG for the great support I received and Harriet for her brilliant idea.

CIOB always welcome people who want to put their selves forward and talk about any interesting topics. If you are interested, please contact