What is Women in BIM?

Women in BIM was founded by Rebecca De Cicco in 2012 as a networking group to support and draw attention to the low number of women in BIM related roles in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). Rebecca’s aim was to ensure that there was greater representation of women in BIM related roles at conferences and in industry.

Is there a Membership fee?

There is no Membership fee for Women in BIM. Membership to the group is free.

Why have an organisation just for women?

The organisation is not just for women, but it is about women. We are working to help women who work in BIM and digital construction to find each other.

We believe that as a group, we have the opportunity to have a great influence to support, empower and celebrate each other and by identifying women working in BIM and working together we can provide incentives for young women to enter the construction industry.

By supporting women’s career options and learning development opportunities we can all retain a more diverse industry in the long term. This will support a global industry challenge of skills shortages in BIM and Digital construction methods. 

What are the main priorities of Women in BIM?

  1. To Encourage and Support Women in BIM
    We will aim to encourage Women in BIM related roles and allow them to have a strong voice in the current workplace. Diversity is crucial to collaborative BIM and encouraging women in this sector is of critical importance. By bringing together women in BIM and digital related roles from around the world, we can empower and support each other.
  2. To Advance and Retain Women in BIM
    We would like to see the number of senior women in BIM related roles increase. The retainment of women in the construction sector is an important issue. We aim to encourage Women in BIM to strive for the best, advance their position and move into senior roles. WIB is a platform to enable and incentivise. Women should be encouraged to strive for the best, advancing their position and moving into senior roles. We are here to support their progress and we want to create a platform to enable and incentivise them.
  3. To Attract and Promote Women in BIM
    The construction industry is amidst a skill shortage crisis. We aim to attract young women into the industry, act as mentors to grow their skills and encourage them to enter BIM and digital related roles in the future. By bringing together women in BIM and digital related roles from around the world, we can empower and support each other in the strength of a group. Together we can equip Women in BIM with the tools and confidence to create a more diverse industry. We will value our collective talents, share our expertise and learn from our experiences.

Why become a Women in BIM Member?

Our Membership allows us to grow our numbers and support each other on a global basis. We pride ourselves in accessing key documentation in BIM as well as support your career and any opportunities. 

How can I become a Regional Lead?

To become a regional lead, simply click here and review our regional lead responsibilities document. We pride ourselves in bringing together women in a variety of differing cities and countries of the world to support our incentives and grow the initiative. 

How can I get involved?

Women who work in BIM can join our Membership by registering as a member.

You can also access our social media accounts here:

  1. Join our LinkedIn group.
  2. Talk to us on Twitter
  3. Join our mailing list

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