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Culture in the workplace – Women in BIM Mentor Workshop.

On October 29 Women in BIM held our last Unmatched Mentee Activity for 2020 as part of the WIB Mentor Scheme. This workshop focused on culture in the work place and was run by Simon Gallagher Director at Integrated Design in Hong Kong, and Emma Jackson, CAD, BIM and Digital Engineering Consultant at Energi People with support from Vice Chair Vicki Reynolds.

There were nine of us on the Group Mentoring Culture session last week, and the conversation flowed. Our mentors Simon Gallagher & Emma Jackson were engaging and provided some excellent advice, including how to manage reluctant leaders, and how to influence change in sensitive environments.

Our mentees were also in great spirits and as the group covered a range on industry experience and specialisms, the conversation spread far and wide with everyone having a chance to share advice and provide insight.

Some of the topics we discussed were: 

  • Influencing leaders to instigate change
  • Showing viability of BIM to clients
  • Helping to drive cultural change
  • Bringing FM teams along, and upskilling them
  • Identifying the right goals for the right problems
  • Managing supply chains

We each went around to share a personal high point or “win” at the end of the session, and the clear message from everyone was that, although the industry we are working in has its problems and although our role within it can be especially hard, when we see progress and witness change happening it’s all worth it. No one in the virtual room would have rather been working anywhere else!

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