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A powerful collaborative network

Women in BIM (WIB) is a not-for-profit global community encouraging digital and technological innovation. We support the pioneering women driving the transformation of the digital built environment.

Women in BIM (WIB) was set up in 2012 by Rebecca De Cicco, 11 years later we would have grown into a large globally recognised initiative, with both women and men representing WIB all over the world.

With 2,300+ Members and 94 regional leads across 50 countries, we have seen enormous growth in activities in the past 12 months, reinforcing how important the group is and how essential our people are in driving change for diversity and inclusion across the construction industry.

Championing equality

From the beginning, diversity and equality have always been part of the core principles of WIB. As a Membership group we strive to integrate and nurture the talent and capabilities of our Members as well as taking positive action to increase respect, fairness and inclusion throughout the construction industry. Fostering cultural, ethical and social diversity is high on our agenda with a particular focus on gender equality.

Today, we work with many women and men globally to support career development and well as attracting young people into the industry. We act as mentors to grow personal and professional skills, encouraging our Members to enter into BIM and digital-related roles in the future.

Digital intelligence

We aim to encourage women in BIM related roles to have a strong voice. By bringing together women in our industry supports the need to bridge digital skills shortages around the world in digital construction capabilities and deliverables. There is a pressing need to not only retain women in the AEC industry but create new roles and opportunities. We encourage all our Members to strive to be the best, advancing their positions and transition into senior digital roles.

Connect with WIB

Our core driver is to support the digital built environment in becoming more open and inclusive at every level. Membership of WIB of free, and offers wide and varied opportunities to gain new skills, upskill and reskill in digital related roles. To enhance personal and professional development. To learn more about becoming a Member of WIB visit the Membership pages on our website: womeninbim.org


Women in BIM

Women in BIM is a global community with a vision to support, empower and celebrate female BIM and digital construction professionals.



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