Digital Intelligence with Elaine Lewis

As an industry, never before have we been more ready to embrace collaboration to fuel innovation. In an environment with competing priorities and endless disruption, innovation remains a must-have for construction. So be prepared to be inspired: a new type of event is coming to London on Wednesday 28 February focusing on collaboration and innovation.

Cadventure is launching its first Digital Intelligence Conference, in partnership with Bentley Systems. We caught up with Cadventure’s Managing Director and Women in BIM Mentor, Elaine Lewis, to ask just what is “digital intelligence”, and how is she planning to share it? 

What is the main theme of the new Cadventure Digital Intelligence Conference? 

“Collaboration” is the core theme to our Cadventure Digital Intelligence Conference. We have curated the content to inspire and improve collaboration as an enabler for growth. Our keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions will each take aspects of this theme to illustrate how people, process and technology work together.

What inspired you to stage this conference and who should attend? 

In 2024 Cadventure celebrates its 35th anniversary, and a key partner that has been instrumental in our longevity is Bentley Systems. And another bonus, 2024 also marks 40 years of Bentley Systems! The Cadventure conference is an opportunity for us to thank everyone who has supported Cadventure for the past 35 years and reward them with new knowledge and new thinking. 

We also wish to share this knowledge and thinking with the wider industry and generate a new type of collaboration, one which powers project success and stimulate new ideas, particularly through the use of Bentley Systems’ technology and ingenuity.  Over the past 12 months many people have told us that they miss being together for the sharing of best practice, therefore networking will be a big part of the conference experience.

As world-leaders in technology consultancy, Cadventure has pioneered innovation within the AEC industry for many years, what new innovations can we expect to see and hear at the Digital Intelligence Conference?

We are always deeply impressed by the projects and processes showcased from Bentley’s a Year in Infrastructure and the award-winning case studies that utilise Bentley technology. 

We have taken inspiration from some of this genius and created a conference that will provide case studies of equal magnitude, where our guests will encounter an immersive iTwin experience as well as success stories on the work that we do in tandem with our clients using Bentley technology.

You told us recently that you intend to reinstate the UK Bentley Systems user group.  Will the Digital Intelligence Conference be a launch pad for this group? 

The UK is one of the largest markets for Bentley technology but what has been missing is an active forum for users to meet, learn and share. Two of the best examples of this worldwide are in Denmark and Sweden. We are inviting the Chairs of these well-established User Forums to discuss what works for their users and how we can replicate their success in the UK. We will explain the support that Bentley offers to these groups and provide an opportunity for conference guests to register their interest in joining the UK User Forum and driving the agenda for future events and engagement. 

Why did you choose to hold the conference at 8 Bishopsgate in London? 

First of all, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t said the word “wow” when they enter this building for the first time, and when they reach the 50th floor, they are lost for words. The Lookout has uninterrupted views of London’s most iconic landmarks, skyscrapers and historic buildings. We will be offering our guests exclusive access to the Lookout as part of the conference! 

As well as what’s outside, inside it is the first London tower to achieve BREEAM Outstanding and EPC A rating, boasting low embodied and operational carbon through optimised building elements. It is powered by sustainable technologies and features an integrated AI analytics platform for energy performance.

I am excited for everyone to come to this iconic building near Liverpool Street Station, which is now home to Bentley Systems’ Central London Headquarters on the 43rd floor.

Cadventure has been a supporter of Women in BIM for many years, what will our Members gain by attending the Digital Intelligence Conference?

In the ever-evolving world of technology, you almost need to out-innovate the competition so that clients keep returning to you. We can only do this through constant exploration of innovation and transformation. Guests to the Digital Intelligence Conference will encounter new experiences that will generate actionable take-aways to enable such growth.

Collaboration has a powerful effect, those who collaborate effectively are the future winners in the understanding, interpretation and implementation of digital innovation.  

The Cadventure Digital Intelligence Conference on Wednesday 28 February 2024 is free, and registration is now open.

Empowering Change: The Intersection of BIM, Diversity, and Digital Transformation

Empowering Change: The Intersection of BIM, Diversity, and Digital Transformation

by Cohesive

Over the past decade, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has undergone a significant evolution, reshaping how we design, deliver and operate our built assets. BIM’s journey reflects broader changes within the industry, initially focusing efficient modelling, information management and expanding to address multifaceted societal needs such as a low-carbon transition and infrastructure resilience.

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