The realities of the application of BIM in the United Kingdom

The realities of the application of BIM in the United Kingdom

Our recent Women in BIM event, “The realties of the application of BIM in the UK”, was brimming with practical advice and fascinating insights from a panel of experienced professionals.

The event was chaired by WIB Global Vice Chair, Vicki Reynolds, and Vicki was joined by May Winfield, Head of Commercial & Legal – Cities & Digital at Buro Happold. May kicked off the session with a plain language explanation on how to best incorporate BIM in to contracts. May made it clear that simply demanding “BIM according to ISO 19650” is meaningless, and that the success of any BIM project is good communication, sensible scoping and clear accountabilities.

Joining Vicki and May was Rob Jackson, Associate Director at Bond Bryan Digital. Rob echoed May’s sentiment and highlighted a range of blockers to look out for when implementing BIM on projects, as well as examples of the opportunities that BIM can afford all types of stakeholder.

The final speaker on the panel was Chloe Obi, Head of BIM at Bouygues. Chloe went on to give further examples of successful BIM delivery, and the benefits that Bouygues and its partners have experienced in return.

Vicki commented that overall the event was honest and accessible, stripping BIM back to the basics using simple, clear and honest language.

You can watch the panel discussion in full below:


CIOB call for Women in BIM speakers

The CIOB is looking for guest speakers for a series of events to complement its accredited university and college curriculums. The series will be called ‘An Introduction to’, and will consist of 30 minute pre-recorded webinars providing an introductory overview of a particular subject area. 

Jump on the BIM train

Jump on the BIM train

by Lindsay Prichard-Fox, Founder and CEO of TiverBuilt, LLC and Northeast U.S. Regional Lead for Women in BIM

Every industry can point to moments in time when a catalyst has entered the picture and changed the game. One of the best examples of this is the railroads during the Industrial Revolution — new technology that could transport materials faster than before, helping factories produce goods and business to grow.

Digital Construction in Vietnam

Digital construction in Vietnam

By Chris Smeaton, Regional Lead for Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam and Digital Practice Leader, Aurecon Asia

I was invited to Vietnam over three years ago to meet a digital delivery team to see how they deliver projects and assess their skills to consider if moving to Vietnam would be a good fit for me. It was clear from the first meeting that the team was driven and hungry to learn. This, combined with high digital competence, captured my imagination of what was possible and how we can achieve amazing things for digital delivery and construction.

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