The Women in BIM Mentoring Scheme comes from the core values of our organisation. We strive to elevate the image of women and people of minority genders in our niche in the industry. We try to source opportunity for exposure - we want to see you - our members - on stages, talking about your work and asserting your views and experiences. One of the ways to do that is by creating spaces for more Women in BIM to connect via our networking events. In the end of 2019, we decided to take a step further. We really want to foster stable and productive connections for our members within the industry. 

Stage One

Stage one – Application process. We are opening the application process to all our members and supporters. We welcome anyone with a professional background in BIM to join the programme as a mentor, and we invite all women, non-binary and trans people with the desire to develop in BIM, to join as mentees.

Stage Two

Selection and Matching. We will conduct interviews with all the applicants to ensure we understand their experience and motivations. Our team will establish the most appropriate mentor-mentee matches and issue them with mentoring contracts and the WIB Mentoring Handbook to use as support. 

Stage Three

 The actual Mentoring. Once matched the couples will coordinate and conduct the mentoring within the guidelines suggested in our Mentoring Handbook.

Women in BIM is a group that unites people with a passion for technology and collaboration in construction, and responds to experiences that we have all had, of exclusion or under-representation in our industry. While we recognise that an intersectional approach to diversity in the industry is vital, for this programme, we have chosen to focus on gender identity. We continue to support our friends and allies that address the other various aspects of inclusion.