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BIM Resources: Processes & Standards Workshop

On September 23 Women in BIM organised our third Unmatched Mentee Activity as part of the WIB Mentor Scheme focusing on BIM Resources: Processes & Standards. This workshop was run by Nikdokht Ghadiminia and Larissa De Rosso with support from Vice Chair Vicki Reynolds & Mentor Lead Katya Veleva.

These following areas were discussed:

·       How to sift through the masses of standards and guidance out there, and what to do if you can’t find something directly applicable to your sector (eg: rail).

·       How to balance the management of digital natives and digital immigrants.

·       The importance of standardisation, and making a decision and sticking to it, rather than standard-hopping. Consistency is key!

·       How to engage a team when you don’t have support from leadership. There was some great advice about creating certificates for training attendance, reporting in a very engaging way to project leadership so that their interest is piqued, providing biscuits (honestly, a great way to get people in to a training session!!), and hosting “BIM Clinics”.

·       How to implement a Common Data Environment, including some personal reviews of systems everyone had used.

Having a more intimate group allowed all of the attendees to get a lot of conversation time. Everyone was in good spirits, and our mentees agreed that it was nice to laugh, joke, and share frustrations. The group was from a range of geographical locations, and yet they had all experienced very similar struggles. Rather than finding this disheartening, it was agreed unanimously that this was actually quite comforting – it highlighted that the issue was more about the industry experiencing a mass period of change globally, rather than individuals doing a good or bad job.

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