Meet the women behind Women in BIM – our core team. Not sure who to contact? Use these links.

Rebecca De Cicco – Chair

Rebecca de CiccoRebecca De Cicco is the director of Digital Node, a UK based BIM Consultancy supporting the AEC industry in better understanding how BIM can positively enable them. Having worked across all areas of the industry from manufacturing through to infrastructure and buildings her passion is to ensure the Construction industry is digitally and socially enabled and more efficient. LinkedIn  Twitter Email 

Louise Kelly – Global Vice Chair

Louise KellyLouise Kelly is a BIM Manager with ACB Group. Coming from a background in both Architectural and Engineering practices, her varied experience is invaluable in her current role assisting project delivery using digital construction tools. Louise has a passion for reducing waste in construction and believes BIM can help deliver this. LinkedIn  Twitter

Cristina Savian – Advance and Retain Lead

Cristina SavianCristina Savian is director of BE-WISE, a UK based consultancy who focuses on bringing innovation and digital transformation in the AEC industry. Cristina spent nearly two decades in the civil engineering industry from designing traffic calming schemes to planning the traffic management for the London 2012 Olympics. She now uses her experience in the field to drive innovation and digital transformation in the civil engineering and construction industries. LinkedIn  Twitter

Vicki Holmes – Attract and Promote Lead

Vicki Holmes is a Learning Partner at Multiplex Construction, developing and delivering learning strategies to maintain and boost the digital and technical capabilities of the business. Having previously worked in information management, BIM consultancy and project management she has seen BIM from a number of different angles, and worked closely with stakeholders of every level of seniority and experience.

Originally from a non-technical background herself, Vicki believes that digital construction tools should and can be accessible to all. Her principle aim is therefore to encourage plain language conversations and the digital upskilling of the industry as a whole; not just the technically minded. LinkedIn  Twitter

Katy Veleva – Support

Katya is a thinker, not a clicker. With her work, she aims to clear architectural design and modeling of dull and repetitive tasks so that designers can dedicate all their resources to what they do best – design.

Katya has 5 years of architectural experience in various international architectural practices. She has worked in the Residential and Sports sectors but her most significant experience has been in Healthcare. LinkedIn  Twitter

Anne Kemp – Strategic Support

Anne KempAnne Kemp is Fellow and Director for BIM at Atkins. She is Chair of BuildingSMART UKI and was recently appointed as Chair of the UK BIM Alliance, the organisation launched in October 2016 to drive the implementation of Level 2 BIM in the UK. Anne has an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change and is passionate about bringing collaborative working and the people side of BIM into better focus. LinkedIn Twitter