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Global Executive Leadership Team / Nicole De Cicco.

Nicole De Cicco

Nicole De Cicco is the global administrator and communications manager for Women in BIM. She supports all of our global communications, manages events, supports and promotes our Regional Leads and publishes content on and behalf of the team. Instrumental to our growth Nicole also manages communications with event partners, secures speaking arrangements with our members and generally helps to build our brand and overall awareness across the globe. 

Nicole’s background is not in Construction, but her work with Digital Node has allowed her to grow her skill and knowledge in BIM working very closely with her sister Rebecca to support the organisation and manage activities. Nicole’s background in marketing and communications allows her to understand how to build awareness and branding as well as her skills in project management help Digital Node to undertake and manage all of their training and strategic BIM activities. 

As an advocate for diversity and equality in the general public realm, her role with WIB supports her own passions of driving diversity across industries where we are lacking and she has a great desire to see more equal opportunities and a closing of the gender pay gap in the coming years. 

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