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Global Executive Leadership Team / Michele Tenedini.

Michele Tenedini

Michele began her career working in the commercial and marketing areas of the AEC industry. After graduating in architecture, she went on to work in the creation and execution of small-scale residential and corporate architectural projects – always focusing on technology and sustainability.

Since graduation, Michele has focused her attention on these processes, and in 2017, started a postgraduate degree in BIM and subsequently a Master’s degree in BIM process and sustainability.

Michele has always participated actively in congresses and exhibitions focused on the dissemination of BIM, sustainability and Smart Cities, aiming at the engagement of professionals related to these areas in Brazil and abroad.

She was invited to join the Brazilian Chamber of BIM where she has served as vice president of articulation since 2019. Michele is the founder of BIMGreen Solutions and has been developing projects in partnership with Ately builder and developer.

Michelle is currently a candidate for a doctorate in computer engineering, and has had a passion for technology and close contact with software development since her teens, when her interest in gamer architecture led her to believe that software algorithms and data science could revolutionise the AEC industry.

Michele understands that it is very important to adopt diversity and inclusion as a strategy to empower businesses, cultivating creativity and innovation, and that is why she felt inspired by the mission of Women in BIM, joining this team in order to share experiences and knowledge and unite the women involved in these themes.

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