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Global Executive Leadership Team / Lindsay Prichard-Fox.

Lindsay Prichard-Fox

Lindsay Prichard-Fox is the Founder and CEO of TiverBuilt, a digital design and construction company based in Rochester, NY that provides single-source BIM and LiDAR Scan-to-BIM technology to the residential and small-scale commercial markets.

TiverBuilt infuses the traditional construction approach with digital building technology to create a more efficient, collaborative and friendly building process that provides better visualisation and quantification and helps reduce indecision and waste.

A pioneer and advocate for accessibility to BIM technology, Lindsay serves as a Core Team Member for Women in BIM and sits on the Building & Construction Committee and Board for Flower City Habitat for Humanity in Rochester, where she is responsible for establishing a new pilot program for Scan-to-BIM integration to benefit more first-time homeowners.

Lindsay is also an active blogger and sought-after speaker who co-hosts the podcast Inside the Firm: Monday Morning Coffee – which helps listeners learn how to navigate the complex process of renovations and building from design to construction utilizing innovations in construction technology.

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