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Global Executive Leadership Team / Henry Fenby-Taylor.

Henry Fenby-Taylor

Henry has always been interested in how things work. Taking apart and deconstructing things to rebuild them better has been a lifelong passion that has led him from Landscape Architecture, through Computer Science and towards organisational transformation. His passion for communication has given him the leadership

Henry founded Athenophilia (the love of wisdom) in 2019 after a diverse professional career of 19 years writing books, delivering digital twins, information management, innovation, research and providing science communication. As the former Head of Information Management for the Centre for Digital Built Britain, he brings with him a breadth of experience from research to implementation that includes everything from getting his hands dirty on projects to leading programmes of work for government clients.

Henry is an advocate for inclusivity and the overcoming of the divides placed upon us by history and society. Working with Women in BIM for over five years, Henry has supported Women in BIM through advocacy, engagement and representing the group.

Henry is a passionate supporter of driving diversity and developing early career professionals. He wants to enable and facilitate their career growth to build the resilience of the emerging profession of digital, BIM and information management. Henry is a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurialism and innovation to solve many of the problems facing the built environment today and that this innovation can help to deliver greater sustainability and profitability for the great value that the built environment delivers to society.

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