About us.

– Global Core Team

Meet the global core team behind Women in BIM.

Our core team is made up of digital built environment experts, with specialisms in BIM and emerging technology. WIB operates on a not-for-profit basis and the core team are dedicated volunteers.

Founder and Global Chair

Rebecca De Cicco

Global Education Lead

Dr Jenni Barrett

Mentor Lead

Natalia Olivera

Global Management

Nicole De Cicco

Global Database Manager

Gergana Staykova

Regional Lead Coordinator (UK/Europe)

Giulia Pustorino

Regional Lead Coordinator (South America)

Michele Tenedini

Regional Lead Coordinator (USA/Canada)

Lindsay Prichard-Fox

Communications Lead

Marie Grieve

Global Core Team

Natalia Díaz

Global Core Team

Henry Fenby-Taylor

Communications Lead

Marie Grieve

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