Celebrating 10 years of Women in BIM

Women in BIM (WIB) was set up in 2012 by Rebecca De Cicco. 10 years later, we have grown into a large, globally recognised initiative, with both women and men representing WIB all over the world.

With almost 2,000 Members and 60 regional leads across 50 countries, we have seen enormous growth in activities, reinforcing how important the group is and how essential our people are in driving change for diversity and inclusion across the construction industry.

Where it all began

Rebecca De Cicco, Founder and Global Chair of Women in BIM, reflects on a decade of action to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry.

As WIB reached its tenth year, she took a look at how far we have come, and how proud it makes her to see a large global initiative supported by talented, driven and insightful people.

Rebecca De Cicco, Founder and Global Chair of Women in BIM

Global Events

In 2022 we hosted a series of events across the globe, led by WIB Regional Leads and WIB Partners, in no fewer than six countries.

Celebrating 10 years of Women in BIM: Melbourne

The final event of the series took place in Melbourne, marking 10 years of achievement, inspiration and ingenuity from women across the globe who are working hard to digitise the built environment.

WIB Founder and Global Chair. Rebecca De Cicco hosted this event, alongside a sterling line-up of influential and disruptive speakers sharing their insights and experience of people, projects and the processes that are driving the sustainable future of the built environment.

Women in BIM

A decade of growth

WIB continues to grow globally, connecting women in BIM-related roles for support, networking and education. The group has had a considerable influence in empowering our Members to grow professionally and encouraging young women to begin their career in the construction industry.

In particular, our WIB Mentor Scheme has helped many Members excel and enhance their BIM-careers.

WIB objectives and core drivers.

Encourage and Support.

Supporting one another is crucial as we strive to develop a more inclusive industry. Our network of Members is in place to support, share and encourage each other to grow their skills and take advantage of new opportunities across the world.

Attract and Promote.

We wish to attract women into BIM-related careers by showcasing role models and maintaining a support mechanism across our network. We also aim to help women excel in their careers by continuously boosting their confidence and expanding knowledge.

Advance and Retain.

Research shows that a number of women are leaving careers in construction after only a few years. WIB wish to celebrate women in BIM roles and provide opportunities for further advancement. This will help to increase the representation of women in senior construction roles.

Women in BIM

We empower women across the globe to make game-changing contributions to the digital development of the built environment.

Thank you again to all our Sponsors, Supporters and Partners for believing in us, your commitment to WIB allows us to grow and empower our Members.