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Women in BIM is a global online community with a vision to support, empower and celebrate female BIM and digital construction professionals.

In 2012 Rebecca De Cicco founded Women in BIM with the intention of creating a dedicated network for women working in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital construction. 

From the beginning, diversity and equality have always been part of the core principles of WIB. As a Membership group we strive to integrate and nurture the talent and capabilities of our Members as well as taking positive action to increase respect, fairness and inclusion throughout the construction industry.  Fostering cultural, ethical and social diversity is high on our agenda with a particular focus on gender equality.

Having worked across the globe with many different organisations, Rebecca witnessed a lack of female professionals in senior BIM roles, this powered Rebecca’s drive and ambition to create a new supportive environment to share skills, knowledge, insight and best practice.

Today, we work with many women globally to support career development and well as attracting young women into the industry. We act as mentors to grow personal and professional skills, encouraging our Members them to enter into BIM and digital-related roles in the future. We can equip Women in BIM with the tools and confidence they need to create a more diverse industry.

Digital Intelligence

Digital intelligence.

We aim to encourage women in BIM related roles to have a strong voice. By bringing together women in our industry supports the need to bridge digital skills shortages around the world in digital construction capabilities and deliverables. There is a pressing need to not only retain women in the AEC industry but create new roles and opportunities. We encourage all our Members to strive to be the best, advancing their positions and transition into senior roles.

Collective talent.

We value our collective talents, encourage the sharing of expertise and learn from our experiences. Whether our Members are just getting started in their career or a seasoned BIM professional, WIB can help you draw on the collective strength to hone and perfect the skills you need to succeed. Through networking, educational opportunities, and industry leading experts in our core team, WIB Members gain a competitive advantage.

Collective talent

WIB objectives and core drivers.

Encourage and Support.

Supporting one another is crucial as we strive to develop a more inclusive industry. Our network of Members is in place to support, share and encourage each other to grow their skills and take advantage of new opportunities across the world.

Attract and Promote.

We wish to attract women into BIM-related careers by showcasing role models and maintaining a support mechanism across our network. We also aim to help women excel in their careers by continuously boosting their confidence and expanding knowledge.

Advance and Retain.

Research shows that a number of women are leaving careers in construction after only a few years. WIB wish to celebrate women in BIM roles and provide opportunities for further advancement. This will help to increase the representation of women in senior construction roles.

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